Ages 2 to 5 | 5 Classes @ 45 mins

Kittens Art Class

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  • Ages 2 to 4 with adult participation
  • Ages 3 to 5 drop off only

These Montessori-inspired activities promote self-sufficiency. They include innate safeguards for error, they appeal to the senses, and they train the hand muscles to use writing tools. Most importantly, they’re geared towards a young child’s developmental interests and creativity!

Kittens Class


About The Class

Students continue to work on a project for multiple classes. Working on projects for several classes means we can complete more complex artworks that include a variety of techniques while encouraging students to focus on honing their skills and enjoying the creation process.

Our projects are designed to incorporate fine art techniques, with exciting new projects and artist inspirations every session. Students learn to use professional artist-quality tools and materials to complete their artworks in an art studio environment. Students take home artwork once complete.

See example projects below.

"The goal of early childhood education should be to activate the child's own natural desire to learn."

—Maria Montessori